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Will PSL Get Same Attention as IPL

After a big inauguration of IPL, it is expected that would that league work or not? Pakistan Super League is now going to start after few days. Players and logos have been selected and every team has launched its ceremonial campaign. The idea of PSL is not new but an inspiration from IPL although it is not being played on that high platform. A country like Pakistan who was earlier forgotten the name of real sport is now going to enter into the new world of cricket.  Now the there is a burning question that will this new
effort work or not? After spending a lot of money on it, PCB is not hoping to earn maximum from it but only for the Pakistan’s cricket. Whereas it would definitely leave beneficial marks on the performances of the players as T20 World Cup 2016 is near to come.

Another attractive thing about this league is its marketing and advertisement as many popular names are being attached to it like Chris Gale, Shane Watson and Shahid Afridi. But if we look upon the draw backs of this series; one of the biggest flaw is that PSL which is named by the country itself, is not be played in the country instead of it is going to be played in a central place U.A.E. Because of the strict security reasons the matches are supposed to be held in UAE. But all the ceremonies have been celebrated in Pakistan in order to urge people to come there in UAE.

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