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Pakistan Super League Will Be Second Best League After IPL

Najam Sethi said “Pakistan Super League ‘destined to become second biggest’ after IP”.

PSL T20 chairman Najam Sethi has showed a firm belief that PSL will be second best league after IPL. Sethi is confident that PSL T20 will be great success in history of Pakistan and soon it will be one the best league in the world in terms of the Popularity.

As Pakistan is one of the Passionate nation and as soon this league will be played in their own country their people know how to make this league much popular. He further added.

The ultimate goal is to bring this tournament back to Pakistan.

He explained that this will be the ultimate goal to bring our league in Pakistan for this the International players will have concerns but they we are mentally prepared to pay them more.

We are also planning on bringing some foreign teams to Pakistan this year and if we can demonstrate a track record to show that security has been taken care of, then maybe the PSL can move back to Pakistan sooner rather than later.

So there is a lot of chance that by attaining the attaining the goal of bringing back PSL to Pakistan we can witness some international teams touring PAKISTAN this year and also the second edition of PSL will be held in Pakistan and many international players will tour Pakistan.

He further added by saying that

We have very realistic expectations. This is our first time and we want it to take off. Doesn’t mean we will move at supersonic speed but we certainly want it to take off. In years to come we feel the product and brand will improve, we’re absolutely confident of that.

PSL T20  first match will be played between Quetta and Islamabad on 4th of the Feburary.

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